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Stringstastic Mini

Specifically suited for young players aged 4-7 who are still learning how to read and write or who learn better with colours and graphics. This book introduces young players to the world of violin playing and music theory.

This book helps young players understand their instrument a little more and contains very basic music theory including notation, rhythm, etc.

using simple and exciting exercises, colourful illustrations and stickers for the exercises.


Stringstastic 1, 2, 3

Specifically suited for children aged 6-10, this book introduces young players to the world of violin playing and the basics of music theory through games and fun graphics to assist the young violinist to better understand the instrument and to learn music theory in an enjoyable way. Covers fun rhythmic dictations.


Stringstastic Theory Grade 1 and 2

Specifically designed for violinists of all ages who are quick learners or who are interested in successfully completing music theory exams.


Stringstastic Theory Grade 1 introduces students to the world of music from a violin player’s point of view.


This books are suitable for the Trinity College London theory syllabus and can also be used to assist violinists studying the syllabuses of other examination Boards. Some of the book’s content includes: the introduction of the notes of each violin string, basics of notation, terms and signs, understanding and recognising patterns, use of simple time signatures, major keys and scales, rhythm writing and much more.

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    ISBN: 978-0-9954128-3-5 & 


    Series: Stringstastic Mini Players

    No of Pages: 48 & 44

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